A downloadable game for Windows

Seven days - Game of the legendary horror film with an unusual story and gameplay.
Where did you learning how to looked in your "the computer time".


setup.exe 30 MB

Development log


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There should've been more this wasn't even a game OR a good demo. All you do it watch a video. Disappointed. 

Not too bad. I liked the in-game simulation of a computer layout, neat idea. Very short but I understand it's just a demo.

Its not even a game, you just click a video and its a cheap jumpscare. Dissapointed. Not recomended

You do not mind that when downloading the file says "DEMO"?




Unfortunately the setup file is not working on windows 10

This is impossible, because I use Windows 10

Well, is it a silent installer, then? Because double clicking the installer does not bring up a visible window or anything

Try to run it from the administrator.


Check your computer for viruses. Maybe you caught the virus - 'Neshta'.


I like the idea. It could use a little work as you already know, but the concept is good.